Luxury Living in a Great Location

You would think living in Singapore would make it easy to get around. It isn’t and that is why I looked into Seaside Residences at the suggestion of my boss after I arrived at work late once again due to my current living arrangements. I live in an isolated area of the city, isolated being a relative term here, but I don’t have a lot of quick transportation options. I have to walk a considerable distance to catch a bus and then switch buses a few times to get to work. If I miss one bus, I’m always late.

The boss suggested I move into a place that is not only nice, but located much closer to work. At the very least I wouldn’t be late anymore, but I would also be in a better location to take in the restaurants and shopping areas of the city. It sounded good to me as long as I could afford a better living accommodation. Seaside Residences looked good after a quick perusal, but would it meet my needs? I scheduled a walk through and continued to look at other options just in case this one didn’t work out. I needn’t have worried.

In fact, Seaside Residences was really the only option after I spent a few hours looking at the floor plans and talking to the building staff. These apartments are very nice and modern with lots of room to spread out and enjoy life. I love the number of transportation options available, and all of them are close by. The only problem I am having now is trying to choose a floor plan as there are so many available for lease. My boss is sure to be as happy as I am about me living in here. I won’t have an excuse to be late again!