Keeping Tally of What the President’s Political Record Will Be for the Next Four Years

I promised myself that the next time a president is elected for a first term in office that I would keep a record of all the good and bad attributed to his or her administration. Well, I was not expecting our new president to be Donald J. Trump, but that is okay. My tracking was going to be whether I voted for the person or not. This article is not about my vote, as I just mentioned I was surprised he won, not whether I voted for him or not. A great resource for me is President Trump news at a website that is all about news reports on his administration. I am not talking about the fluff stuff. I mean real reporting about actual decisions he is making, and the things he is saying.

I separate the reports into favorable and unfavorable. I even have a section for extremes of decision making for the better or worse that is based on my my own criteria that comes from my own political ideology. I admit that my leanings are very independent even though I am registered to vote with one of the two major parties. I stick with a party because in our state we are not allowed to vote as Independents in a primary, and I think it is important to be part of the candidate selection process as well as the final vote.

Anyway, I have been keeping track of everything that makes the news concerning our president at the President Trump news website. I do not have to search for news articles as they are all available right there from many different news agencies. I have a mix of things in the favorable and unfavorable columns, and I will keep track of the tally when it comes time to vote for a second term in office or for a new president. I will give any holder of office a chance, but I will keep track of their doings from now on.