I Needed to Learn How to Get My Business in Front of Customers

My business was having trouble for awhile. I was working hard every day, but could not seem to get to a steady place with customer purchases. But I soon found out that working hard only went so far. I needed to learn new ways to keep customers engaged. Learning all that I could about social media was important. Just a couple of months ago, I decided to buy active Instagram followers to see how that would work, and it was a success.

I have never been someone who has been all that interested in social media in general for personal use. I am too busy running my company to have time to record my personal life online. I sometimes take a moment to check in to see how family and friends are doing on their accounts, though. And many people are nice enough to email me if they want me to take a look at photos or other info they post online about something good in their lives. Outside of that, I need to concentrate on what keeps the bills paid.

So, when I learned that it is important to reach out to customers, I was a bit unsure of that at first. But I’ve come around to understanding why that is important these days. When so many people are using sites like Instagram these days, you must do what you can to connect with them. You must post interesting things to keep your business in front of them. It used to be that placing an add in the newspaper or phone book was enough, but that has changed in the past 5-10 years. However, to help save myself some time, I get the help of a company that does a good job of clicking “like” on my photos so that it helps to make my followers more interested in what I post.