I Am Working on Social Media Now

I have spent this morning going around the internet trying to figure out how to buy instagram followers, even though I have not really found a good reason why you should want to do this. The boss has got it in his head that we really need to learn how to use social media marketing, the people who gave him the idea expected that he would pay them to do it for us. However they probably did not realize that he never pays for stuff when he thinks that we can do it in house. In fact he came back from the meeting and he smell of cognac, which he loves to drink when it is going on the other guy’s expense account. It was pretty obvious that he had had more than a couple and I heard the next day that he had gone into his office and taken a nap on the couch.

Still the guy sort of remembered it the next day and I needed to be able to tell him something when he asked me about this stuff. What I told him was not what he wanted to hear, since it did not fit in with what he wanted us to do. In fact I suspect that he asked me to do it because he knew that I would not be afraid to tell him what I really thought. A lot of the people here are afraid to say stuff that the guy does not want to hear, but I figure that sort of spinelessness is going to come back to you and bite you in the rear end. After all it is a lot better to get things right. This sort of thing can be done, but there is a real question as to what it really would accomplish.