How My Grandfather Helped Me Buy a Condo

When I was a little girl, my grandfather started a trust fund for me. The stipulations of this fund were that I could not receive it until I was 30 years old and it had to be used to purchase a home for myself. It has grown substantially and is enough to ensure I will have low monthly payments. Well, I turn 30 next month and have decided to start looking for my new home. I know some people that live in the New Futura Condo community and think I will start looking there.

These condos are the newest and most modern ones around. I already know about the abundance of amenities from visiting with my friends with my favorite being the numerous amount of pools and hot tubs. These are scattered on different floors of the towers that are connected with a breezeway. Some of the other amenities include a floor dedicated to fitness, another dedicated to meditation and others with various dining options. One of my friends has a one bedroom condo but I already know that I want a three bedroom unit. The floor plans of these condos are absolutely amazing. I love how the layout wraps around the corner of the building which gives you stunning views of the city.

I wasn’t always happy with the way my grandfather set up my trust fund and couldn’t understand why he made me wait so long to have access to it. He had a lot of forethought and knew that helping me purchase a house or a condo would benefit me for the rest of my life. He wanted to make sure that I didn’t squander away the money when I was just coming into adulthood. It was the best decision he could have ever made on my behalf.