Great Features for a Home Security System

I had to find out some information on home security systems for one of my clients. I am a home health aide, but I end up doing things that are well outside my scope of duties. Helping this one patient find out how much it would cost to get a home security system is just one way that I help them when I am able to do it. Most of the people I take care of do not have computers, so I brought my tablet to work one day so I could show her the different price plans on the ADT website.

She is very smart and extremely independent, but she is confined to a wheelchair, which does limit her mobility a lot. There is nothing wrong with her mind though, and she scoured the ADT website for all the information she wanted on the home security systems. I looked over her shoulder, and I was pretty amazed at the pricing. In fact, I was so impressed that when I got home, I looked over the ADT website even closer. I had never even considered getting a home security system before, but it made perfect sense with how affordable it is.

My patient went ahead and scheduled the installation of hers, and I did the same. Now, we both have state of the art home security systems that will help protect us even more. I am so happy that she did this because it will give her even more help in case there is a fire or carbon monoxide leak at her house. The security system is tied into those devices, so the monitoring agency will know if there is a problem just as soon as it reaches the point where it can be dangerous. I like that I have that feature on my home security system too!