Easy to Use Check Stub Maker No Accounting Software Needed

I wanted a way to make better looking paystubs for my employees. I only have two, but they need official paystubs to do things like get a loan or prove employment. I found a check stub maker online that is very inexpensive to use. I do not have to buy an accounting software suite to use it. I still use this freeware accounting program I have had for years. It works for my needs. I just needed a way to add payroll to it. Specifically, I needed a way to make professional paystubs for my employees. I put in the numbers, and the thing makes paystubs I can print out on my printer using regular paper.

I use it once every two weeks when I sign the checks. I put the check and the paystub in an envelope for each employee. They are happy to have regular paystubs now. I even have our store logo as part of the stub. It could not look any more official if I used an accounting firm to do my payroll. My employees can now use the documents for anything they need paystubs for. They have told me they needed them for everything from leasing a place to live to getting a car loan. You know how car dealer ask for a utility bill, three paystubs and a down payment. Then they get you a loan.

I never thought to much about it, but a paystub from a job is a powerful document. It proves gainful employment that is necessary for just about anything financial, especially if it comes to borrowing money. The check stub maker I use could not be easier to use. I just write in the hours, pay rate, withholding and other information and I print out the stubs. The service even keeps track of information so I do not have to reenter it each time.