Don’t Try This at Home

Sometimes playing with your kids means that you’ll take a few bruises, or even have to visit a chiropractor in Redding CA. Ever since seeing the Peanuts movie, my kids love the character Charlie Brown. They had the idea of trying the famous football gag that happens to Charlie Brown on me. They asked me if I could show them how to kick a football, so I did. As I was about to kick the ball, my kids moved it away, and just like Charlie Brown, I fell right on my back. I screamed out in pain, which alerted my wife and she came running outside to check on me.

The kids thought I was going to die because of the prank they pulled and started crying. My wife helped me back inside and put some ice on my back while she placed a call to the chiropractor to make an appointment. I kept telling the kids that I would be fine, but they still didn’t believe it and kept begging me not to die. I told them that I promised I wouldn’t die if they didn’t pull any more pranks on me, and they agreed and stopped crying.

Luckily I wasn’t banged up too bad from my fall. Just a bit of time and rest and my body was back to normal. While I was resting, the kids would bring me food and fluff my pillows to make sure I was comfortable. If I’m going to get pampered every time I get injured, then I might was well take a few blows while playing with the kids. The kids seem less focused on Charlie Brown since the accident and now are interested in Snoopy. They keep pretending that they’re fighting the Red Baron in their airplanes and getting shot down.