I Am Thinking About My Future

The truth is that like a lot of people, I simply do not enjoy being bossed around. So I have been thinking that I shall almost certainly be most unhappy doing some nine to five office job where you have six to ten people telling you what you have to do every moment of the year. Obviously you need to have money and I want to figure out how to get it while being happy. At the moment my idea is to learn mobile app developer in Singapore. Of course that is not as easy as it seems, but if you could get to be good at it then you would be able to make a really good salary and do it on your own terms. (more…)

I Feel Better Than Ever Thanks to Chiropractic Care

When my primary care physician asked me why I was seeing a chiropractor in San Jose California, I explained that it was because I had fallen down while skiing and hurt my back. I had gone back to Pennsylvania to visit some family over the holidays, and I thought that I would be able to do more than the bunny trails. Well, the joke was on me, because I was certainly not prepared for anything beyond the learner’s trails. I figured that I had bruised my ego more than my back, but it turned out to be the opposite.

I flew home a few days later, and I was still in a decent amount of pain. I was not going to contact my primary care physician when I knew he would just refer me to a specialist. I cut out the middle man and handled it myself by scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor. (more…)

Great Features for a Home Security System

I had to find out some information on home security systems for one of my clients. I am a home health aide, but I end up doing things that are well outside my scope of duties. Helping this one patient find out how much it would cost to get a home security system is just one way that I help them when I am able to do it. Most of the people I take care of do not have computers, so I brought my tablet to work one day so I could show her the different price plans on the ADT website.

She is very smart and extremely independent, but she is confined to a wheelchair, which does limit her mobility a lot. There is nothing wrong with her mind though, and she scoured the ADT website for all the information she wanted on the home security systems. I looked over her shoulder, and I was pretty amazed at the pricing. (more…)

I Am Working on Social Media Now

I have spent this morning going around the internet trying to figure out how to buy instagram followers, even though I have not really found a good reason why you should want to do this. The boss has got it in his head that we really need to learn how to use social media marketing, the people who gave him the idea expected that he would pay them to do it for us. However they probably did not realize that he never pays for stuff when he thinks that we can do it in house. (more…)

Don’t Try This at Home

Sometimes playing with your kids means that you’ll take a few bruises, or even have to visit a chiropractor in Redding CA. Ever since seeing the Peanuts movie, my kids love the character Charlie Brown. They had the idea of trying the famous football gag that happens to Charlie Brown on me. They asked me if I could show them how to kick a football, so I did. As I was about to kick the ball, my kids moved it away, and just like Charlie Brown, I fell right on my back. I screamed out in pain, which alerted my wife and she came running outside to check on me.

The kids thought I was going to die because of the prank they pulled and started crying. My wife helped me back inside and put some ice on my back while she placed a call to the chiropractor to make an appointment. I kept telling the kids that I would be fine, but they still didn’t believe it and kept begging me not to die. (more…)

Keeping Tally of What the President’s Political Record Will Be for the Next Four Years

I promised myself that the next time a president is elected for a first term in office that I would keep a record of all the good and bad attributed to his or her administration. Well, I was not expecting our new president to be Donald J. Trump, but that is okay. My tracking was going to be whether I voted for the person or not. This article is not about my vote, as I just mentioned I was surprised he won, not whether I voted for him or not. A great resource for me is President Trump news at a website that is all about news reports on his administration. I am not talking about the fluff stuff. I mean real reporting about actual decisions he is making, and the things he is saying.

I separate the reports into favorable and unfavorable. I even have a section for extremes of decision making for the better or worse that is based on my my own criteria that comes from my own political ideology. I admit that my leanings are very independent even though I am registered to vote with one of the two major parties. (more…)

Getting the Best Energy Plan for Myself

I wanted to learn more about energy providers here in Texas. It was the first time I was actually allowed to make a decision based on which one I wanted rather than someone telling me what I had to take. If there is one thing that I really like, it is the freedom of choice. Even when it is something like the company that provides the electricity to my house, I want to take full advantage of my opportunity to choose. While I was really looking forward to this, I also knew that I did not have a lot of time, because I wanted to have the power on by the time I moved in. (more…)

I Love Being Able to Choose My Energy Company

Living in the Lone Star State sure has its benefits. I’ve lived all over the state including Plano, Laredo, Houston, and Dallas. The one thing that’s been consistent in all of those places is the freedom I’ve had to choose my own energy plan. Living in a state where energy is deregulated sure is a nice benefit. When I first had to sign up for electricity service, I went to http://texaselectricityrates.org/stream-energy-tx/ for details about the services offered and the rates I could expect to pay. I had two options. I could either call them for more information, or I could fill out a brief form. I decided to give them a call.

The representative I spoke with was very friendly. She asked me for my name, phone number, and ZIP Code, and then proceeded to tell me all about my options. (more…)

Easy to Use Check Stub Maker No Accounting Software Needed

I wanted a way to make better looking paystubs for my employees. I only have two, but they need official paystubs to do things like get a loan or prove employment. I found a check stub maker online that is very inexpensive to use. I do not have to buy an accounting software suite to use it. I still use this freeware accounting program I have had for years. It works for my needs. I just needed a way to add payroll to it. Specifically, I needed a way to make professional paystubs for my employees. I put in the numbers, and the thing makes paystubs I can print out on my printer using regular paper.

I use it once every two weeks when I sign the checks. I put the check and the paystub in an envelope for each employee. They are happy to have regular paystubs now. I even have our store logo as part of the stub. (more…)

Different Rules in Some Countries on How Women Care for Yeast Infections

Women have had difficulty with hygiene issues due to their anatomy and the natural processes of their reproductive system. From the onset of menstruation to menopause, the lining of the uterus is expelled through the vagina every month. The blood rich lining is nutrients for the egg waiting to be fertilized. Periods can be painful as well as messy. Being seen with blood on clothing, or leaving blood where sitting can be socially awkward to say the least. Then there are yeast infections. Everything from vinegar douches to Indonesian Crystal X are offered to treat them. However, science indicates that their cause can be associated with anything from diet to high blood glucose levels. Yeast like a steady diet of sugar. Then they thrive in a warm and moist environment. The vagina is the perfect environment when its acidic level changes. Too much sugar in the diet or sustained elevated blood glucose levels can be a root cause. (more…)